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The Southern Derby 2001 Schedule & Standings
Charlotte Eagles
Champions of the
2001 Southern Derby !

  P W D L F A GD Pts
Charlotte Eagles 4 3 0 1 11 7 +4 9
Charleston Battery 4 3 0 1 9 5 +4 9
Atlanta Silverbacks 4 0 0 4 3 12 -9 0
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  Southern Derby Winners
2010 - Charleston Battery
2009 - Carolina Railhawks & Charleston Battery
2008 - Carolina Railhawks
2007 - Carolina Railhawks
2006 - Atlanta Silverbacks
2005 - Atlanta Silverbacks & Charleston Battery
2004 - Atlanta Silverbacks
2003 - Charleston Battery
2002 - Atlanta Silverbacks
2001 - Charlotte Eagles
2000 - Raleigh Capital Express
Host Opponent Date Result
Charleston Battery Charlotte Eagles 5/5 4-1
Charlotte Eagles Charleston Battery 6/2 2-1 OT
Atlanta Silverbacks Charleston Battery 6/23 0-1
Charleston Battery Atlanta Silverbacks 8/18 3-2
Atlanta Silverbacks Charlotte Eagles 8/31 0-3
Charlotte Eagles Atlanta Silverbacks 9/8 5-2
2001 Southern Cup Champions - Going to Tie-Breaker #2 - the Charlotte Eagles !!!

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The Southern Derby
By The Fans, For The Game

Every sport has its championships. Every sport has its most valuable player, and a variety of other awards for a myriad of things. This article hopes to bring to light a new form of Championship trophy, one that exists only in the lower leagues of Soccer's hierarchy, and is not even recognized by the powers that be. A trophy that, exists only because the fans of the sport they love have willed it into being.

Interest is slowly growing in what is presently only a regional championship. Currently a limit of three teams can compete for it. It is certainly a prize worth competing for. Other areas of the country have expressed interest in starting their own regional competitions for a similar prize. The United Soccer Leagues, the organization in which the competing teams play, though not endorsing it, clearly follow it.

Frankly, there is nothing else like it in the world. It is the Southern Derby.

The Southern Derby is a fan based and supported competition. Fans of the Charleston (SC) Battery, Atlanta Siverbacks, and Raleigh (NC) Capital Express got together last year after several months of investigating each others web sites, as well as sending e-mail's, and making road trips to watch their respective teams play each other.

It was decided that the teams should play each other twice during the competition; one game away and one at home. Three points would be given for a win, one for a tie. At the end of the season the trophy would be presented to the team with the most points in the group. The competition would work in conjunction with the regular season.

Raleigh won the inaugural Cup during a hard fought battle with the Charleston Battery. Both teams and the fans knew what was at stake. History was being made by this first ever fan supported and sponsored cup.

What this group of fans did in a short period of time is unheard of in the world of soccer. For the uniformed, soccer fans are often seen as "hooligans" and "roughnecks". The Southern Derby shows that soccer fans can be constructive and creative. Fans of rival teams can work together for the love of the game..

Now in its second year, the Southern Derby's future is secured. Raleigh, due to financial concerns, bowed out of the league shortly after the close of last season. There was some understandable concern about the Derby, but the fans did not lose hope.

In fact, the Southern Derby inspired the formation of a new fan organization.. The Orange Crusade is the newly formed fan club of the Charlotte Eagles. The Eagles will be replacing the Capital Express in this years competition The Eagles official web site, ( has in fact a whole section dedicated to the Southern Derby, which shows you just how seriously the Southern Derby has become.

Rob Wilson (aka rhiino)
Pittsburgh Riverhounds Match Reporter

Many Thanks to News Digger John Zukas who scours up all of the local news links during the year.